My infertility resume


Dec: Got Married, discussed babies and decided to wait till next year to try.


April: Went off the pill and stopped trying to ‘not’ get pregnant


January: Started temping and really concentrating on getting pregnant

March: Endometriosis symptoms returned with a vengeance and dropped me like a sack of spuds

April: 1st anniversary trying. Healthy couple <35 years actively trying to conceive for +12months. Time to see the GP.

May: GP appointment, referral for Ultrasound, blood tests and semen analysis.

June: Blood tests normal, U/S normal, Semen analysis normal. Time for a Fertility specialist (FS) referral.

August: First FS appointment, more blood tests ordered, tracking cycle booked for September, semen analysis.

  • Bloods clear
  • Semen analysis: excellent result.

September: Tracking cycle; Bloods mostly normal, low luteal progesterone. U/S abnormal, left and right ovaries have limited mobility and causes ++discomfort. ?Endometriosis. Laparoscopy, Dye test and Hysteroscopy booked for October.

October: Lap and Dye completed

  • Endometriosis found: Moderate to Severe
  • Dye test: uterus and tubes clear and running freely
  • Hysteroscopy: Nil of concern to note.

November: Track cycle to assist with intercourse timing. Luteal progesterone low again.

December: Other steps discussed with our FS. IUI recommended as a first step due to our age. Booked for feb cycle


January: Amazing NZ holiday and last ditch effort at a natural conception

February: AF shows up on Valentines day!!!!! IUI cycle begins

    • Gonal F: 25 units, upped to 50 units day 12 and 13
    • Ovidrel trigger shot: 250units
    • Ovidrel booster: 60 units, 3, 6 and 9 days post insemination
    • Semen sample: 12.5 million

March: BFN!! AF shows up and we are devastated. IUI cycle 2 begins

    • Gonal F: 50 units, upped to 75 day 9
    • Ovidrel trigger shot: 250units
    • Ovidrel booster: 60 units, 3, 6 and 9 days post insemination
    • First acupuncture appointment
    • Semen sample 31.5 million
    •  200mg BD progesterone supp.

April: BFN. Beta test 17 days post insemination was negative. Its time to get back to natural fertility treatment.

    • Acupuncture continued weekly
    • Vit D, folate, iodine and omega 3 supplements



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