Cycle day 12, injection day 10.

Im am an emotional wreck this cycle. When AF came I cried heart wrenching sobs for days. This failed cycle was so much worse than all of my previous failed cycles. I think because I was so hopeful that I would be one of those girls that fell on their first IUI cycle. Plus it doesn’t help I have all these extra hormones racing around my body.

And the pain this cycle was really bad. Walk around with a hot pack stuffed down the front of my pants, a sticky hot pack on my back and codeine tablets in my pocket bad. Its hard to be hopeful when it feels like your uterus is trying to escape through your belly button.

This is why we get peroid pain

This is why we get peroid pain

The other thing i’ve been doing is picking fight with my husband Mr B. I went from being his mildly sarcastic but loving wife to this evil woman who picks fights every 5 seconds and has becomes an unreasonable mole who is likely to cry at any moment.

Luckily it appears my mood is improving, though I’m still pretty sensitive. Glad Mr. B loves me a smidge otherwise i’d be signing divorce papers right now.

Blood test at the clinic tomorrow. They’ll get a better picture of whats going after they put my meds up on Monday. Fingers crossed to a good response. Getting crampy so im assuming something is happening down there.

xoxo jess



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