A day in the life of this IUIer. A cycle day

Cycle day 13, injection day 11


Hands in the air if this is how u start your day.. Oh the joys of fertility treatment

So here it is.. A day in the life of this IUIer.

0615: snooze

0624: snooze

0633: drag yourself out of bed you have class in 2 hours and you need to get to the clinic and have your bloods done.

0650: grab meds and Probiotic drink out of the fridge. Set up today’s dose, pick a spot, swab it and inject yourself (Gonal F 75iu for me), drink your probiotic.


0700: print off today’s lectures, grab something to eat, mmmm coconut and apricot muesli bar, and race out the door by 0715

0730: arrive at clinic for blood test fill out forms then join your fellow cyclers

0750: get called out back by the phlebotomist for your turn

0752: have said phlebotomist brutalize your arm in an attempt at using a new vein as the other looks a little bruised. Sticky dot over the offending stab site and a reminder to call for results at 1430 as your ushered out for the next victim. Resume seat in the waiting room as your meds have nearly run out and you need a new set.

0755: get called back by nurse to sign out your 3rd box of Gonal F for this cycle.

0758: head out to your car swinging by the pay machine on your way out (hooray to free parking before 0800). Race back home with your box of goodies to get it in the fridge before you turn around and race back to Uni in the vein hoping of getting a car bay this late in the morning.

0825: arrive at Uni and get one of the last 5 bays close to your building

Spend the remainder of the morning staring at the clock instead of concentrating on your lecturer willing in to speed around to 1430 so you can hear what the next step of the plan is.

1040: head back home to finish the assignment that’s due Monday instead of going to your next class.

1130: still writing my essay.

1430: call for results, get through first time.. high five!! My est is up to 750 yay!! Booked for my ultrasound tomorrow at 11am after morning bloods.

1530: save my assignment still got heaps to finish before I submit it and get ready to head out for acupuncture

1630: grab my keys and head out for my appointment with my lovely acupuncturist.


1755: leave acupuncture feeling slightly more relaxed. Even though your covered in spots resembling mozzie bites.

1810: pull in the driveway back home, walk in the door to a disapproving state from Mr. B. “Don’t you know how to answer your phone? Where have you been I was getting worried” oh my wonderful man. “Acupuncture, it’s in the calendar and I told u earlier today”

1830: head back out for some shopping and to pick up something for dinner. Wish I’d remembered to take something out.

1930: return home after a successful couch return and new couch purchase. Arrives sat 🙂 sit down to eat my burrito and cram some last minute clinical skills prep for tomorrow test.

2130: pack up the computer, dump clean clothes into the basket to put away later, push the cat over and crawl into bed.


1 down, many more to go

xoxo jess


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