Big decisions

A and I have decided that this cycle will be the last of assisted conception for us for a while. We’ve only done two cycles of IUI and other testing but financially we currently can’t really continue. We could pay for the next IUI that our FS signed us up for when we decided to head down this road but in reality we would be falling further behind and using credit to pay for it. If this cycle does not end in a BFP it will be back to au naturale for us.

I’ve recently started acupuncture and I will look into Tradition Chinese medicine as my acupuncturist is a TCM practitioner. I’m going to concentrate on healthy eating and exercise as I still need to lose 5kgs. I’m also going to improve my mental health. I have found that over the last few months IF has been changing who I am, affecting my personality and making me bitter. That kind of attitude just won’t work in my career. Plus I love my career, pregnancy, birth and parenting have always been a passion of mine and I’m so glad I’ve ended up somewhere that allows me the privilege of assisting and supporting women and their families through the life changing experience that is parenthood.

So I have everything crossed that we will be done this month and our miracle will be on its way but if it isn’t that’s ok cause I have a plan.


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