Feeling crazy

fertility ecard

I lost the other night. It’s was not a proud moment at all. I started bickering with A over tv of course cause how else do marital fights begin. In the end I stormed into the kitchen tears in my eyes and he followed me in. All he had to say to me was ‘What was that?’  and I lost it.


Full on, runny nose, ugly face sobbing. You know the kind where you cant talk because you cant breath and everything comes out as broken sentences. All I could say between tears and sniffs was ‘I. can’t. help. it.’  and I spent like 5 minutes sobbing into my poor shocked husbands chest as he patted my back and kissed my forehead.

When I finally managed to compose myself my only method of explanation was ‘Roid Rage. Completely uncontrollable whilst being highly unreasonable plus I knew he’d get it if I used that explanation.

Is it just me??

xoxo jess



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