Symptom spotting

Lets all join in on the symptom spot’a’thon that accompanies the TWT. Here’s a wonderful little list I found on fellow TTCer’s blog.

  • Sore or tender nipples or breasts – yep really sore
  • A pattern of visible, bluish veins throughout the external area of the breasts – I’m beginning to get more visible veins over my chest
  • Small, white “bumps” around the areola – yeah I have kind of noticed a few 
  • Increased sensitivity to smell – maybe everything seems to smell kind of gross, I opened a bag of lettuce and nearly gagged
  • Nausea – nope
  • Skin changes – I usually have pretty stable skin that rarely breaks out. But I have a few blemishes developing
  • Fatigue – yep I’m in bed by 9pm most nights now and I even napped 
  • Dizziness – just a few times
  • Mild or dull abdominal cramping or pain – A LOT! it feels almost like I’ve pulled something in my pelvic area. 
  • lower-back ache – yep 
  • A “metallic” taste in the mouth – nope
  • Excessive hunger – not unusually so
  • Excessive amount of saliva production – I don’t think so
  • Heartburn – mild, once or twice.
  • Increased vaginal discharge – yep I’ve noticed a fair bit since the spotting stopped after my IUI
  • Aversion to foods – kind of everything just seems unappealing and I can’t decide what I want to eat. 
  • Increased emotional sensitivity/weepiness – see earlier post lol
  • Nasal congestion – yep but I have year round hay fever, that is untreated because of the risk of 2nd generation antihistamines in pregnancy 
  • Leg cramping – not cramping as such but muscle soreness. 
  • Flatulence – yep, but is it the progesterone suppositories or a symptom

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