Beta day

So today’s beta day and I feel shit about it. I didn’t get my period over the weekend but progesterone supps can delay it. Really wish the nurses had told me that when they gave it to me.

This whole situation is making me feel sick. A is super excited about the whole thing, he feels like it’s Christmas. I’m glad he’s excited cause I can’t get there I’ve been that excited too many times and it’s such a long fall after. I can’t cope with the fall this time so I haven’t climbed that high.

2:30pm is such a long way away.


3 thoughts on “Beta day

  1. sweets i can imagine, I am already all stressed out and anxious!
    its so hard coz we cant even symptom spot due to stupid prog suplements! HAve you done a POAS? or have any signs that might indicate ontop of the stupid progesterone? or going in blind?
    Hope its a positive hun!
    I am not feeling positive myself, but trying to keep chin up!
    look forward to hearing your positive news this afternoon, everythig crossed xx

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