New supplement regime

I have just started a new supplement regime. It is based on my own research and the information contained in this post should not supplement doctors advise. If you are interested in alternative therapies have a chat with your doctor before making any decisions. 🙂

What I’m taking..

Vitex agnus-chaste. 660mg BD (morning and night) for 1320mg daily

Vitex has the ability to increase the production of progesterone so is useful in treating endometriosis, a condition in which the endometrial tissue normally found within the uterus escapes into the abdominal cavity, causing pain and menstrual difficulties. Because it stimulates growth of the uterine lining, vitex can help reverse infertility. [found here]

Evening primrose oil. 1000mg BD for 2000mg daily

Some studies have shown that it can help reduce PMS symptoms, increase cervical mucous, while reducing inflammation. This is because of its high content of the omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s), Linoleic Acid (LA) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). [found here]

Magnesium forte. [this brand] 1 tablet daily. 

A deficiency of magnesium has been linked with female infertility. Magnesium supports progesterone production and increases the blood supply to the uterus. It is important for egg production. Some research shows that magnesium, when taken along with selenium, helps lower the risk of miscarriage. [found here]

Pregnancy essentials tabs. [this brand] contains Vit D3 1000iu, Folic acid 400mcg, Iodine 150mcg and Omega 3 DHA 300mg. 1 tablet daily. 

I picked this brand because Im Vit D deficient and folic acid is a no brainer when TTC. Plus it had the added bonus of Iodine and Omega 3. 

Iodine and pregnancy: In the developing fetus, baby or young child, the effects of iodine deficiency are serious. They include stunted growth, diminished intelligence and retardation [found here]

Omega 3 DHA: is useful for inflammation which is a large portion of the problem with endo so why not hey 🙂

I’ll be chatting with my acupuncturist about any other herbs she would recommend as well when I see her next week. Im going to have the most expensive wee in all the land by the end of this all.


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