I cant decide how anonymous I want this blog to be. Of the people who know me personally only my husband knows I am writing this blog. I have considered sharing it with my close family and friends who know we are trying.

What if I write something that offends them.

Do I want the world to know my deepest darkest thoughts about the shit storm that is infertility and be able to put a face to them.

Do I want people who I know but would never share my feeling with to have access to them all in writing.

I have always been told not to write anything down that I wouldn’t announce to a room full of people I know. How much of what I’ve written would I announce?

I have shared a few identifying facts such as my first name, a few personal photos none of which include me, I think I may have mentioned the city/country in which I live. The internet is a very small place and people are very good at connecting the dots. I worry because this isn’t only my story. This story belongs to my husband and it includes some very personal information that he may not want to publicly share.

I think as time goes on I will be able to make a decision, but for now Im just going to keep going the way I am.


One thought on “Anonymity

  1. I’ve struggled with that as well. For me, I’m pretty comfortable sharing a lot of this stuff with a room full of people, whether I know them or not, and so I do censor myself sometimes, especially if I’m feeling particularly jealous of someone or want to recount what they said that was upsetting, that kind of thing. Sometimes i write those posts and leave them as drafts, and other times I decide I don’t want to remember those parts when I look back on this bit of my life. At the same time, I want other people with those feelings to know they’re not alone. It’s hard to navigate sometimes.

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