8 weeks

So im 8 weeks and 5 days today. Im feeling better then I was at about 6 weeks. MS kicked in and I couldn’t function in the beginning, I spent like a week on the couch. I haven’t vomited which I’m super glad about and as shitty as the nausea is making me feel it is kind of reassuring as it reminds me that its all ticking along ok. Im going to try and post how I’m going along as in 40 weeks time I can look back and see how it has all changed. Basically a digital journal.

week 8 raspberry


  • Nausea: swings from all day sickness to midday to evening only.
  • Sore breasts and nipples: come and go through out the day
  • Back pain: when I walk its mainly the right side of my sacrum.
  • Gas, so much gas: by the evening im sooo bloated I look 20weeks. Ive had really bad colic pain on and off.
  • Hunger: Im starving all the time. eating is the only thing that gets rid of the nausea.
  • Disrupted sleep, im waking 2-6 times a night to pee and I feel really hot and restless when I wake up. Its so hard to get back to sleep.
  • Fatigue: I think its a combination of shit sleep and just general growing a human tiredness.