Progesterone support

*Warning this post contains way to much information. If your squeamish I’d skip it*

After my second IUI cycle I was prescribed 200mg of progesterone taken rectally. Rectal administration itself was pretty daunting. I was advised to insert it at least 30mins before a bowel movement.

Here’s some stuff I wish I’d know about progesterone when I started taking it.

    • It gives you very strong pregnancy symptoms even when your not pregnant
    • Rectal administration is awkward and not fun at all but unlike vaginal insertion you don’t have to lay down for half hour after and you don’t get any leakage which I’ve been told is horrible I would prefer in the long run. It can also cause yeast infections and is very irritating to the vaginal mucosa.
    • It gave me terrible gas which gave me really bad cramps.
    • You cant fart after you’ve taken it because if you relax your sphincter the melted wax will leak out.
    • It makes your poop marbled because the wax stays behind after the hormone is absorbed.
    • It can delay your period. AF was due 2 days before I stopped and it took 48hrs after last dose for it to arrive. This was the one I wish I had been told by my nurses because I was so happy when I didn’t get my period even though it was fake.
    • It can irritate your back passage after a while but it wasn’t too uncomfortable and not as bad as vaginal insertion.
    • They are very expensive. I paid $180 for 15 days worth. (2x day)

Some helpful tips

    • I always lubricated my suppository before insertion with a water based lube. This is what I have always done for patients so I did the same for myself. I would wash my hands, put a few square of toilet paper on my bathroom sink, open the foil wrapper and put the little bullet on the paper, put a drop of lube on the paper and just rub the tip in the lube. I found insertion easy and I didn’t have to push it very far in, just the tip of my finger and the sphincter muscle would do the rest of the work for me.
    • If you insert laying down, lie on your left side keeping your left leg straight. Bend your right knee and reach over your leg to insert. see pic.
    • suppository9 I started inserting lying down but I got sick of kicking my husband out of the room so I could keep this part of our marriage sacred. You cant un-see this once you have seen it. I ended up standing in the bathroom with one foot up on a little stool, kept some of the mystery.

Thats all I can think about for now but if anyone has any questions just let me know 🙂


Beta day

So today’s beta day and I feel shit about it. I didn’t get my period over the weekend but progesterone supps can delay it. Really wish the nurses had told me that when they gave it to me.

This whole situation is making me feel sick. A is super excited about the whole thing, he feels like it’s Christmas. I’m glad he’s excited cause I can’t get there I’ve been that excited too many times and it’s such a long fall after. I can’t cope with the fall this time so I haven’t climbed that high.

2:30pm is such a long way away.

Moment of panic

My period was due today and it has not arrived, I swear I’ve spent most of the day checking to make sure i’m not spotting.

Anyhoo A and I were out at the supermarket today and whilst we were walking around I had a pretty decent cramp and I freaked out, I though it was the bitch arriving and I was at a shopping centre so I couldn’t exactly abandon A and the trolley to race to the toilet to check. So I didn’t say anything to A and we continued to shop. Slowly feelings of dread set in. I picked up a chocolate lindt bunny just incase I need to eat my feelings when we got home. A picked the cue and we walked up to the checkout and the lady in front of us has a little baby in a capsule in the trolley in front of me. I have a quick peak and try to ignore the cute goo and gah sounds the adorable thing is making. Then another women joins the cue behind us and guess what… She has 2 curly haired, brown eyed toddlers in her trolley. Holy crap the panic begins I can feels the tears start to well in my eyes. I blink them away and refrain from eye contact with the adorable little people and their parents. We quickly pay and I rush out of there.

This was the first time I have ever panic when I’ve seen kids around. It never normally makes me feel that way. I think it might be because we have our hopes completely up this cycle. I go on midwifery prac in a few weeks and I have no idea how I will cope.