My 12wbt: pre season

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I’m starting the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program on the 5th and I’m super excited 🙂 I’ve set up a page where i’ll keep it all together so feel free to follow along or not.. I am hoping to write as I go and try to keep myself accountable. Here’s to some new found fitness, healthy food and hopefully some fun. Plus the bonus of a really great distraction from TTC.

I will be doing the learning to run program (L2T) as Im hoping to start running regularly and I’d like to compete in some fun runs in the future. The exercise program runs over 12 weeks hence the name. My program currently consists of two running day, two toning days, one core day and one combination day that she calls super sat session (SSS) that is 1.5hrs long and pretty intense. Im assuming as the weeks go on it will change.

The program also includes nutrition and mindset lesson. It allows you to completely plan your meals and the mindset lessons are all about changing the way u think about food and such. Its all very exciting so i’m looking forward to getting into it next week.